Frequently asked questions

Forum Objectives and Activities

Main Objectives: The Nordic SAR Forum aims to be a active platform for collaboration among Nordic and Baltic SAR organizations, focusing on sharing experiences and best practices to enhance search and rescue operations.

Contribution to SAR Operations: By facilitating the exchange of knowledge and experiences among SAR volunteers, the forum contributes to improving operational efficiency and effectiveness across diverse terrains and conditions.

Participation and Membership

Eligibility for Participation: The forum is open to individuals and organizations involved in land-based search and rescue operations across the Nordic and Baltic regions. There are no static memberships for individuals, as Nordic SAR Forum is collaborative non-legal entity. You are a member when you participate in event published for Nordic SAR Forum by individual or organisation.

What role can my organization play in the Nordic SAR Forum, and what is the forum’s purpose: The Nordic SAR Forum is designed to serve as a collaborative platform for operational volunteers engaged in land-based search and rescue (SAR) operations. Its primary purpose is to facilitate the exchange of experiences and ideas, enhancing the effectiveness and efficiency of SAR efforts across the Nordic region. Organizations are invited to join as informal members, which allows them to disseminate information about the forum and its activities among their volunteers. By participating, organizations contribute to a broader awareness and engagement within the SAR community, fostering a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

Criteria for organisational Membership: Only requirement is that organization shares information of our activities and shares their experiences as they see fit. There are no specific requirements, participation is more descriped in ”Founding Princibles” chapter §5.

Founding princibles

§1 The Nordic SAR Forum serves as a central hub and home for open discussion and collaboration among Nordic and Baltic volunteer organizations involved in search and rescue operations for missing persons.

§2 The Forum itself is not a registered or licensed entity in any country, nor does it have legislative authority. As such, it does not possess funds or property. All members and member organizations participate voluntarily, sharing and contributing to each other’s journey of discovery and learning.

§3 The Forum itself does not organize or directly participate in any activities or exercises. Its purpose is purely facilitative. Any webinars, seminars, or exercises featured on the platform are organized by member organizations. Therefore, all insurance and other commitments associated with these activities are the responsibility of the hosting organization.

§4 All functions featured on the Forum must adhere to the principles for a safe space, ensuring that:

  1. Respect is maintained for all participants’ perspectives, experiences, and identities.
  2. Confidentiality is upheld, with information shared within the space treated as private.
  3. Inclusivity is promoted, welcoming individuals regardless of their background or identity.
  4. Open-mindedness is encouraged, allowing for diverse viewpoints and experiences to be heard and valued.
  5. Empowerment is fostered, enabling all participants to freely express themselves and contribute to discussions.
  6. Accountability is emphasized, addressing any behaviors that may compromise the safety or well-being of others.
  7. Support is provided to all participants, creating a supportive environment for growth and learning.

By following these principles, the Forum ensures that all activities and functions contribute to a safe and inclusive environment for participants.

§5 Member organizations have the freedom to choose their level of participation without any imposed responsibilities or requirements. Participation in the Forum is entirely voluntary. This includes the sharing of any information or material published under the Nordic SAR Forum banner on any platform, in any shape, or form.

§6 The use of the logo, name, and principles associated with the Nordic SAR Forum is not registered or trademarked. Therefore, their use is voluntary and free for member organizations or any individual as they see fit.

§7 Due to the nonrestrictive nature of the Nordic SAR Forum, neither the Forum itself nor its member organizations can hold legal claims or responsibilities on behalf of each other. Each entity is responsible for its own actions as singular entities. Therefore, the Nordic SAR Forum cannot function as a legal entity in any form.

§8 The rules and guidelines of the Nordic SAR Forum are subject to periodic review and updating as deemed necessary by the members of the Forum. Any proposed changes to the rules shall be presented to the members for discussion and consensus-building. Amendments to the rules may be adopted through a transparent and democratic process, with the goal of ensuring the continued relevance, inclusivity, and effectiveness of the Forum. All members shall have the opportunity to provide input and feedback on proposed changes before they are finalized. The updated rules shall be communicated to all members in a timely manner, and any concerns or objections shall be addressed through open dialogue and constructive engagement.