Welcome to the Nordic SAR Forum arrival page. The Nordic SAR Forum serves as a hub for joint exercises and the exchange of information among Nordic organizations.

We are working to become the leading collaboration forum in the Nordics and Baltics among active volunteers in the Search and Rescue (SAR) operational field.

The inception of this project can be traced back to late 2023 when a Finnish volunteer contacted other Nordic volunteer organizations regarding a series of articles on Search and Rescue (SAR) functions in the Nordics. After a few discussions, the idea of a forum and the exchange of information was born under the name Nordic SAR Forum. Thus, the Nordic SAR Forum was founded by individual volunteers without the support of national authorities or organizations. Organizational membership and roles developed after its founding. For more information, please read under the ”About Us” tab.

In this context, SAR stands for Search And Rescue, with a focus on land-based search operations for missing persons. While each organization operates with its own modus operandi, there are common threads that bind us together. Our shared values in volunteer work, collaboration with official authorities, and innate drive to assist those in need unite all of our organizations.

At the heart of the Nordic SAR Forum lies a deep-rooted commitment to cooperation and the exchange of invaluable experiences and practices among organizations and nationalities. Our region’s diverse terrains and societies present unique challenges, from navigating dense cities to traversing wide open snowy tundra and scaling steep mountains. Yet, it is precisely these differences that enrich our collective knowledge and expertise. Through open dialogue and collaboration, we transcend borders and harness the power of diversity to strengthen our search and rescue efforts. By fostering a culture of mutual support and learning, the Nordic SAR Forum serves as a vital platform where ideas are shared, innovations are born, and bonds are forged across our Nordic community. Together, we navigate the complexities of our dynamic landscapes, united in our shared mission to safeguard lives and uphold the principles of solidarity and compassion.

– Kalle Hakala, Volunteer of Finnish Volunteer Rescue Service

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